Overcoming objections

29 Nov

For months, my ideas on blogging incubated while I dove into projects to support long time friends.  It has been my pleasure to stretch my sewing abilities and capacity to make 8 pairs of boys shorts and 21 girls dresses to support “Helping Hands, Touching Hearts”.   My attic space complete with sewing cabinet and machine were waiting on me to “open for business”.  I also have aprons I’m making for the Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children.  It has been a pleasure to support the passions of longtime friends Sidney Bonvallet and Kathy Layne .

As I looked at the photo of me to send to Sidney in Detroit, the name “elfcroft” came to mind.  (Incubation period over?) I wanted to have a unique name like “Piewacket” for a blog or website.  What I cooked up is a blend of initials

Elizabeth Frazee 2010

Finishing up 29 garments for Helping Hands Touching Hearts

and words that transform into other meanings.  Combine Elizabeth, Frazee, craft, loft (dropping a lot of letters).  Voila!  Elfcroft  Elf:  industrious, fun, helpful.  Croft:  Small Scottish farm.  BTW Frazee is a Scottish surname.

The other objection holding me back on blogging were unintended consequences of public posts.  Now that I understand that I can publish privately, I’m looking forward to evolving and connecting with family and longtime friends in this new venue.  Email, Facebook, text messages and even the phone have not been satisfying.

This an early start on a New Year’s resolution…ooops, a late start on this year’s resolution ;).

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