About prayers that we did not learn in Sunday school

29 Jan

God boxes” used to hold written prayers, an action symbolizing turning the concern over to God and literally putting a lid on them.  Developed by Liza Hyatt in workshops at her “Heart of Art” Studio.  Three different themes shown in this photo are mountain tops, puzzle pieces and stars.

God Boxes, containers for prayer requests

Tibetan Prayer flags….visualize the wind carrying prayers represented by the flags through the atmosphere with no limits.

Tibetan Prayer Flags (displayed at Disney World)

Candles Light a candle and say a prayer.  Virgin Mary of Guadalupe prayer reads “I implore your help in all the needs of my family and myself.”

Prayer candles from Buddhist and Catholic traditions

Various traditions relate to prayer beads including Catholic, Islam, Hindu and Buddhism.   http://en.widipedia.org/wiki/Prayer_beads

“Unanswered prayers” by Pat Alger, Larry Bastian and Garth Brooks.  At Larry Bastian’s suggestion the line “some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers” was added to the lyrics.  The lesson of the song:  “Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it is wanting what you got.”  From Garth Brooks CD “the hits”

Prayer shawl ministry.  When a knitter is stitching a prayer shawl, she petitions God with every stitch she makes on behalf of the person receiving the shawl.  “We come to You Lord God, healer of every ill, and ask for release from pain for all the hurts endured and for the gift of healing.  Touch this one and bring peace and healing to her body and soul.”

Prayer shawl for healing for Kathy

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