25 Jun

Front porch

The screen is new.  Why didn’t we do this years ago?  (The foundation plantings were over grown.)  Could we say “tricked out”  with ceiling fan, new rocking chairs plus table, “candle”labra, wind chime and the porch swing Pap-pa Hall made over 25 years ago.  It is delightful to watch Shelby relate to all the sights and sounds of the outdoors.  He stays on high alert.

Exit left

Next project

What could this be?  The new gate is part of the plan.

One Response to “Screen”

  1. elfcroft July 9, 2011 at 1:18 am #

    Ah, the gate to the mysterious unknown. Perhaps a pergola with fragrant vines growing up each post, wispy drapes moving ever so slightly in the breeze, and of course, a comfy lounge for reading. ❤ pimla15

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