Moonbeams and Garden Dreams 1

11 Sep

It is 3 a.m. and usually bright outside.  It is the Full Harvest Moon. ( )  Ahhh, the full moon reflects on the golden quartz flagstone creating a soft glow.

The inspiration for the master bedroom patio came to me June 9, 2001, ten years ago.  Mary Francis wrote “Moonbeams and garden dreams” for the Indianapolis Star.  It was my introduction to moon gardens.  White flowers, silver and variegated foliage may be subtle by day, however they glow in moonlight.


” ‘The moon garden is all about illuminating the night,’ said Grimm, owner of Kids in Bloom, a local heirloom seed company.”

Bold White August flowers

“For some, the evening may be the best time to enjoy a garden__with long hours, some people rarely get to see the garden in daytime.  Why not plan for moonlight viewing?”  GREAT question!

White Chiffon Rose of Sharon

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