To Do List–Done

18 Oct

Change:  No photographs for this post.

It is a cool/cold rainy fall afternoon and my To Do List preparing garden beds is done (being done is an illusion). As I dropped my checklist in the recycle bid, it occurred to me that the content was meaningful to answer the question of effort required to have perennial flower beds. They do need attention.

  1. Plant Lily of the Valley previously located near the bird feeder.
  2. Move day lily being choked out by lilac.
  3. Plant Joe Pyeweed potted from volunteers (It attracts butterflies.) I delivered 3 pots to Mom. Three pots filled the spot vacated by Maiden Grass.
  4. Plant large potted hostas. These divided into 8 plants and ended up back in their earlier site under the Locust tree with bulbs and day lilies.
  5. Plan for coneflowers. Remove from Kitchen/patio garden. Plant as screen for compost bin.
  6. Remove hydrangea next to bird bath. (I needed help with this.  Very heavy.)
  7. Pot anemones. (I thought they had choked themselves out.) Two dozen potted roots with buds of life are ready for some unknown future site.
  8. I retrieved about 60 pounds of my homemade compost. It has been supplemented with 400 pounds of commercially bagged compost.

200 pounds of compost is down and 200 pounds are still waiting on me!

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