Field trip

30 Oct

Last weekend we had a field trip to the first Container Store in Indianapolis.  I say field trip because far west to north-east is a significant drive.  The Indianapolis Star did a lengthy feature article on its grand opening.

With 10,000 items it is not only a professional organizer’s dream store, but also an inspiration to others of us who are simply trying to solve a problem.  The vertical bookcase probably intrigued me the most.  A heavy base accommodates a single stack of books five feet high just right for small spaces that are difficult to use for another purpose.

The Container Store

The sentiments on their shopping bags are endearing!  I could not leave the store empty-handed.  I decided upon project cases that are stackable with handles for $3.99 each and a small modern floral fabric box.

As intriguing as the store was, sometimes the solution is already in reach if we just consider other purposes.  The kitchen junk drawer do over features glass dishes that formerly contained candles plus a butter dish (probably bought from the Vermont Country Store) for pens, etc.

Junk drawer make over

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