17 Dec

Four red, green and gold tote bags shipped today with 16 dresses to South Africa to join other donations for Helping Hands Touching Hearts.  Sidney, Wayne and CJ are flying this weekend from Detroit to South Africa to personally distribute clothing, mosquito netting, tote bags and shoes.  Their journey is beautifully documented on this site:

Tote Bags

The fabric for these tote bags salvaged a slip cover project gone wrong. 🙂  See Aug 28 Helping Hands Year 2 post for the photos of other contents.  Four size 4 dresses were made from remnants of last years project.  The four size 10 dresses reused a pattern shown on Dec 14 post.  I’ll reuse the pattern one more time to make size 8 dresses next year.  I passed on making boy’s shorts, however a fabric designated and plan to next year.

Bon Voyage to Sidney, Wayne and CJ!

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