18 Feb

My last two posts reminded me of friends and a very special day shopping for pottery. 

What a delightful reunion of high school friends at Mary’s home in Fayetteville, NC!

At Mary’s suggestion, we spent the day “shopping” like no other!

Potters of Seagrove, North Carolina.  “Experience a 200-year-old tradition as potters  create a lasting heritage.  Whether a setting for your table or an object of art….Seagrove has something for you.

Within a 15 mile radius of the village of Seagrove is one of the largest groups of working potters in the United States.

European settlers brought the traditions of pottery making to piedmont North Carolina in the late 1700s.  These potters used the abundant local clay deposits to supply their communities with utilitarian ware, such as jugs, crocks, pitchers and baking dishes, for daily household use.

Today the area remains a center for the production of pottery.  Potters with family ties to those early settlers, as well as newcomers drawn to the community, run the nearly 100 shops.  Their work ranges from traditional utilitarian forms to folk art and contemporary pieces that incorporate modern techniques.

Visitors to the Seagrove area have the unique opportunity to visit the artists and tour their workshops.”

Pam and Mary

Pam and Mary 2

We spent the day visiting Shelton’s,  Cagel Rd, Blue Moon Gallery, Dover, Cady Clay, Blue Stone, O’Quinn’s, Teagues Frogtown and had lunch at Westmore Family Restaurant.  I purchased a pitcher perfect for pancake batter, deviled egg plate, candle holders, Christmas ornaments and an apple baker.  The quality and variety of finishes are truly extraordinary.  It was a day of discovery of the countryside and rediscovery of school day memories.

Mary, ME and Pam

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