Oh what a beautiful day

11 Mar

Oh what a beautiful day!  Clear skies and cool temperature perfect for spring cleaning the yard.  I started with the dirtiest job first….compost bins.  I have three.  My first compost venture was the worm farm.  1000 worms work between 3 levels in a compost bin to decompose kitchen scraps.  Adding water occasionally steeps worm tea which is dispensed thru a spicket.  All this is wonderful until the temperatures drop and you cannot get approval to bring it into the garage for the winter.  Actually, I did the first winter and most of the worms died anyway.  😦  Plan B was the lowest cost.  Basic plastic garage can with holes drilled in the bottom.  Composting is a slow process and one bin could not keep up with all my trimmings.  Plan C was the mid-price with openings to “harvest” compost from the bottom of the bin.

B and C do not keep up with all trimmings, so today I had four bags full for the trash.  (Several years we burned trimmings, but we should have an official fire pit before burning anymore extra dry trimmings.)  Today’s dirty job was transferring the kitchen compost to the trimming compost to help it along.  That was about 150 pounds worth.

The crocus photos (taken today) go well with the blog banner 🙂

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