Clean Freaks

1 Apr

“Clean Freaks” an hour-long show hosted by Sabrina Soto on HGTV last night.  Sabrina effectively “crowd sourced” the content of her show by asking for tips from viewers on their best organizing ideas.

As I thought about the show this morning, it was one of the best shows I have seen.  My first choice for shows on organizing has been TLC’s “Clean Sweep” with HGTV’s “Mission Organization” coming in second.  Sabrina’s show turned the tables by allowing viewers to show and prove their best work.

As an informal challenge, one segment of the show reorganized a friends closet in one hour.  They had clear boxes for shoes, new hangers and labels prepared in advance.  However, it was still a big job and they did it….very impressive.  Another segment featured a family that maximized iPad technology to run the home audio, video, lighting systems plus synchronized family calendars with alerts.  Many great ideas presented playfully with great humor.

The clean freak in our household will enjoy watching this when he gets a chance 🙂

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