One thing leads to another

13 May

Could it be that an attraction to cotton print fabrics is genetic?  Both grandmothers made more than a few quilts each.

Once upon a time (several years ago), I found several fabrics featuring black bears.  Maybe there is a project with Dad’s name on it. He is also know as Papa Bear.  With no particular purpose in mind, the fabric ended up in the shopping cart then on my “What To Do With This” list.  Eventually, the fabric was paired with Nature-fil Batting TM.  This batting is 50% bamboo and 50% organic cotton.  With the help of Elfcroft assistants Shelby and Eve, two 48″X72″ quilts were made and given to Mama and Papa Bear.

Bear quilt project with Eve and Shelby

Encore!  By special request, we made a third one with coordinating fabric.  This one was a challenge with quilting due to the long running pattern.  Hmmmmm….a quilting frame would be handy.  Didn’t Mary Ann send me Aunt Mary’s needlepoint frame….20 years ago?  Of course, it was still in the box in the guest room with instructions!  Very helpful although small.

Needle point frame from Merribees Co, Memphis, TN

Eve is missing from the next picture.  She loves curling up in her “tent”.

Eve’s tent


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