6 Jun

Elfcroft was in London the week before the Julbilee to celebrate family birthdays and sightsee. Love these photos from the party!

Little London Observationist

By most accounts of the press, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee boat pageant was a near flawless success, apart from the bit of rain (that may or may not have added to the “British-ness” of the festivities). About a million of us Londoners gathered on the wet pavements along the Thames to watch 1,000 impressive, decorated boats, including the Spirit of Chartwell that carried the Queen down the river just past Tower Bridge which opened ceremoniously as her vessel passed.

We arrived early (or what we thought was early, quite a few hours before the boats were meant to begin their journey down the Thames) but didn’t manage to get a viewing spot, so we settled on people watching whilst we waited and stood near a screen playing back scenes from the Queen’s history on the throne. Eventually, it got too crowded to see the screen and there was definitely no…

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