From the front porch

17 Jun
On the porch

On the porch

Shelby joined me on the front porch this Sunday (Father’s Day) morning.  I was out at 6:00 am for a 3 mile walk to beat the heat.  The sunrise was glorious with pinks and purples.  The technical data from the walk was recorded on my Garmin 305 including heart rate.  So after I downloaded the data and while the Garmin was charging, Shelby and I watched for birds flying into the pondless bubbling fountain.  A hummingbird paused long enough for a drink!  I thought about the spirea shrubs that Mam-ma Tuggle had for years in front of her porch, the dragonfly sculptures from Kingsgate Studio and the coreopsis that I got a couple of years ago at Girls Night Out at Avon Gardens.  Great view!

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