Alternative Black Friday

23 Nov

I headed out-of-town, away from town to the farm lands of the mid-west.  On the way, I snapped a photo of this charming restaurant on the town square in Danville, Indiana that is wall-to-wall Mayberry inspired.  The food is great too.

Look Santa is driving and the car is full of presents

Mayberry Cafe with vintage police car!

On to Bainbridge, Indiana to shop @ Designs by Donna and Friends.  Primetime for Donna’s business is the Covered Bridge Festival in October plus Christmas.  She hosted 29 outdoor booths during the Festival this year.  Christmas shopping is indoors with 22 friends offering crafts for sale.  Hmmmm!  I guess this is what the world was like before “Etsy”.  My favorite things to buy are hand-woven rugs, purses, arrangements, jewelery, etc.

Donna and Friends Sign

Designs by Donna and Friends

One more thing, a lighthouse in the lake behind the shop!

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