Repeat: 100th post from March 2012

21 Jan


This post features another evolving project inspired by an e-book Art Journal Ideas by which includes a chapter by Tracie Lyn Huskcamp @ titled “A Year Captured in Fabric”.  What I have so far are 11″X12″ pieces of muslin with themed collages from remnants and fabric photos from  This is a great opportunity to prepare custom “quilt squares” that do not have to stand washing and wear.  A few unfinished projects are getting closure and inclusion in the “journal”.  Beads, buttons and trim are embellishing layouts.  I have 11 squares completed and 11 squares with concepts.  My intended scope is 48 squares which will finish the bolt of muslin that Mam-ma Tuggle left with her sewing accessories.

Fabric Journal under construction

As much as I have enjoyed knitting and sewing lessons as a change of pace and producing “a product” (after all, I am a career Manufacturing Engineer.), this project is about the ideas and rules that I make up along the way.  Liberating:)  I’ll keep you posted!!

Update January 2013:

19 squares are ready for trimming.  My cycle of projects has taken about-face.  I have changed course from freestyle creative to repeat pattern which is fun to see results quickly.  Photos in my next post.


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