Helping Hands, Touching Hearts: Act 3 Scene 2

24 Feb

Sewing women’s and children’s clothes has been a primary mission of Helping Hands, Touching Hearts.  This is year 3 for Elfcroft to give to the cause.  2012’s shipment has rolled into 2013 with a shift in travel plans for Sidney, Wayne and C.J.

I jump started this shipment with boy’s shorts from Target clearance sales and rounded out with 4 pairs of shorts made from the last of former curtains.  (Think of the movie “Sound of Music”.)

Simplicity 5218….four pair, size 4

Also in 2011, I had long narrow bands left over from making girls dresses with Simplicity 2228.  I sewed those bands together to make dresses with See and Sew B5592.  Yeah!  four more dresses out of last years stock.

See and Sew B5592

Sidney sent photos of her sewing which included skirts with crop tops.  That seems a better use of the fabric I have in stock.  An envelope with her patterns arrived this week…..made from thick fabric and instructions in permanent marker.  Great idea!  I need to do the same with my favorite and well used paper patterns.

New patterns

New patterns

2 each in each size

2 each in each size

Six girl’s dress are complete.  Four pairs of girl’s tops and skirts as well as four pairs of boy’s shorts are ready for sewing.

Shipping to South Africa in May!

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