25 Sep


This time last week my car was loaded with items for our church rummage sale.  Since I am not a garage sale fan, this was a blessing and an opportunity to dispose of household items, raise money for charity and get better acquainted with my fellow church members.

Mickey and the ducks stayed home.  My personal (and spouse’s) rule excluded clothing, books and everything in the garage.  Donations included some Christmas decor, floral containers, odd dishes, a small box of wooden musical instruments, collections of decorative tins and toothpick holders, decorative accessories, etc.

It was a beautiful day.  Great crowd.  Fairly good sales considering it was a one day event.  What I know now is that it that an extra day is required to handle the unsold items.  Donations came from 20 different households and the remaining items probably went 5 different directions.  Great life lesson.

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