Recycling solutions from the sewing room

17 Dec

I purchased flannel fabric in one to three yard lengths.  Each Days for Girls International kit includes 8 reversible, tri-fold, flannel pads.  My strategy included sewing pads from 8 different colors and patterns for each kit.  Over the course of 2014, I had over 30 types of remnants.   Variation due to cutting, shrinking from washing and fabric width created a significant amount of remnants in strips and block shapes.  My year-end effort recycles these scraps into light weight blankets.


Stripes:  18 fabrics in 18 different widths

I chose to have color transitions across the length for the stripe project.  Due to multiple blocks of bold colors for the patchwork layout, I used a random number table for planning.


Blocks:  12 fabrics in various widths

Both pieced blankets will be finished with a border and backing.  Nearly four yards of flannel has been recycled!  Now that these projects nearly completed, it will be time to sew kits again in the New Year.

Bonus finding!  Flannel remnants are great for patching/reinforcing sweat pants.  🙂

From an earlier post:

The reversible, tri-fold, flannel pads for Days for Girls International have four corners removed for ease of insertion in the liner.  The math is (45) kits X (8) pads X (2) sides X (4) corners = 2880 remnants that filled a couple of shopping bags.

Remnant trimmed

Remnant trimmed

My idea for recycling was to make a small rug or seat cushion.

2880 times I trimmed the hypotenuse of the flannel triangles of 16 different colors and patterns of remnants.

The stash

The stash

The finished product…

Much better

Much better


Four examples of what happens when your conscience keeps you from hastily throwing scraps away.  My grandmothers and great grandmothers would be proud.

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