36 Yards

25 Jan

36 yards of flannel fabric in process to make reversible tri-fold pads for Days for Girls International kits:

DfGI work in process

DfGI work in process

Bright colors preferred!  Each kit has eight pads.  These gallon size Ziplock bags are filled with eight in each.  Colors and patterns will be mixed for greatest interest.

Draw string bags hold the entire kit and includes one panty, one washcloth plus soap and two liners with PUL insert.


In case of a “Polar Vortex” this month, I was prepared to get a lot of work done. No “Polar Vortex”, however I am further along than I expected.  I bought the 36 yards of flannel, washed it and cut 8″X 9″ squares staging the material in my shipping box.  Each yard makes 10 reversible pads.  The perimeter of the flannel pad is top stitched for durability.

Recycled for latch hook project

Recycled for latch hook project

I chose to cut the corners for 3 to 4 pads at a time immediately before sewing and remove the hypotenuse of the scrap corners for a future latch hook project.

I like working with the bright colors, bold patterns and soft texture of the flannel.

One Response to “36 Yards”

  1. MAY ROSE SEWING January 25, 2015 at 11:10 pm #

    I’ve heard of this a lot from my mother in law. Its a great cause.

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