Friday Photos: IChing No. 63 and 64

31 Jul

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I Ching No. 63 After Completion

The Elf in Elfcroft has the sewing machine humming making functional gift bags.  These gift bags are also known as shower caddies to be given to the women residents of Wheeler Mission this Christmas.  I used outdoor fabric (water and mildew resistant) from  Four outer pockets surround the center opening.  25 yards (54″width) made 75 shower caddies.

Ready for delivery

Ready for delivery

I Ching No. 64 Before Completion

The last two years we filled back packs with socks, gloves, scarves, etc.  Several years before that we filled tote bags.  Our choice this year are these homemade bags.  Bath products to fill the shower caddies will be provided by friends and coworkers.

I read a comment that there was an error.  “Before Completion” should be 63 and “After Completion” should be 64.  This is not an error.  Completion refers to work.  The interesting concept  is that work-in-process (WIP) has multiple completions.  I could have chosen to show rolls of fabric for “Before” and the finished shower caddies as “After”.  BOLO for a future post with the empty caddies as the “Before” and filled with gifts “After.

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