Channeling grandmothers

29 Dec

What happens when three TV remotes (and only one fully functional) are combined with three rocking chairs, dining table and chairs, two ottomans plus one TV? …CHAOS!

First things first.  All the remotes are restored and fully functional.



The next part channels grandmothers talents to make “holsters” to hold the remotes between uses.

We found three worn finger tip towels.  I cut them down the middle to get proportions to match and hemmed cut edges.  The short sides are sewn together.  Fold over half to make pocket and sew sides.  Sew two sets of antique snaps (if I had been home I would have used Velcro) to be able to secure “holster” over arm of chair.

Ladies and gentlemen, this project was much easier than explaining TV remote controls to my grandmothers.  May they rest in peace, not knowing.






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