Indy Star: What in the world is IN Light IN?

28 Aug

From Indy Star

What in the world is IN Light IN?

No, IN Light IN is not a laser show.”We will not be having a single laser in this light festival,” said Joanna Nixon, who is helping to produce the event. “Instantly when I say light festival, I think what pops in people’s minds is a laser light show. Indianapolis has not ever seen anything like this, ever.”But what, exactly, is “this”?”We are really treating this festival very similar to a contemporary art exhibition,” Nixon said.So, here’s the gist: IN Light IN is a free two-day, 2.5-mile tour through more than 25 interactive light works of art along the Downtown Canal from the Indiana Statehouse north to 11th Street and stretching east along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail to the American Legion Mall. Many of the artworks put the attendee in them, either through projection, becoming a living canvas or controlling the lighted piece. Nixon expects 15,000 people to visit the festival each of the two nights, though there is a potential for more.

One Response to “Indy Star: What in the world is IN Light IN?”

  1. pimla15 August 28, 2016 at 12:35 pm #

    That sounds like a wonderful event. I love art in public displays!

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