Dirty job: composting

27 Jun
Yard compost bin


Kitchen compost bin



Compost bins






Composting is both a dirty job and “Black gold” to enrich vegetable garden….this season’s yield…200 pounds!

For eighteen years, I have used a three step process to mitigate the slime and smell of kitchen waste.  This year I added a fourth step.

  1. Compost kitchen and garden waste (very slimy and smelly)
  2. Compost yard waste (primarily trimmings of perennial flowers).
  3. Add kitchen compost to yard waste = black gold
  4. Top off with ashes from fire pit for enrichment

All gardening starts with dirt.  Yes, it is less expensive and messy to buy compost by the bag at garden centers.  Homemade is better.

2 Responses to “Dirty job: composting”

  1. oldmanatwork June 27, 2018 at 3:45 pm #

    When we moved in this house 30 years a go we thought about composting but with my long hours I didn’t do it. We did put in a garden over on the side of the house near the bedroom. well the first 2 years our garden went crazy. I had some of the best tomatoes and the largest ones you have ever seen. Those tomatoes were as big as the palm of your hand to the finger tips. Well I took them to work and I made BLTS with them. I used 80 LBS of bacon a week back then. Well we went on city water and sewage. I realized that my drain field lines ran under our garden. Well with the septic tank gone our tomatoes were not big just real small. I stopped growing them. Composting is rewarding if you have the patients to do it and you sure do, good for you.

    • elfcroft June 27, 2018 at 5:18 pm #

      Presently my tomatoes are very small and green. Looking forward to great tomatoes in August. Happy 4th !

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