Joy=February Garden Planning

8 Feb

149th Year:  R. H. Shumway Seedsman

What may be better than Valentines Day?  Receiving the BIG, beautiful RHShumway seed catalog in February when the outside temperature is 20 degrees F.

I normally buy local herb/tomato/vegetable nursery plants in May.  This year, as well as plants I am ordering seed.  Three categories of plants have my attention.

  1. Gourds and Luffa Sponge:  future crafty bird houses, dippers and sponges
  2. Persimmon root-stock:  Regional fruit
  3. Annual flowers:  Zinnias, Snapdragon, Bells of Ireland, Cockscomb

Expect future posts on my garden expansion project.


2 Responses to “Joy=February Garden Planning”

  1. oldmanatwork February 9, 2019 at 2:15 pm #

    You sure have an interesting group you are going to deal with this year. we are not doing anything like you. Pam’s green cotton did so well last year that she is going to have the entire box for cotton all though I don’t know what kind s\it will be this year. You sure have us blown out of the water. I am looking foreword to seeing your pictures as the plants grow good luck and happy planting.

  2. pimla15 February 11, 2019 at 7:10 pm #

    Looking through the seed catalog is exciting, however, those gardening days are behind me. I was always exciting the watch the plants grow and so disappointing to find the fruits of my labor eaten by birds and rabbits. I’ll stick with cotton, brown, I think this year.

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