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Moonbeams and Garden Dreams 2

21 Jul

The metaphorical seed for a Moon garden was planted when reading Mary Francis’ article in the Indianapolis Star June 9, 2001.  The garden manifested in 2005.  It was designed and installed by Avon Gardens.  The entrance to the patio is from the master bedroom.  The golden quartz flagstone had the surprise quality of reflecting moonlight.  The plantings on the perimeter are all white.  Tulips, iris, perennial geraniums, lilies, White Swan coneflower, crab apple, …..

White Swan Coneflower

“One of the best things about moon gardens is that they lure us out at night to enjoy the fragrance of flowers that might be missed during the day.  When it’s 8 p.m. and the sun’s going down, the fragrances come up.  You miss them during the day.  There are rich aromas at night, Booher said, adding that sometimes strong sunlight can burn off the fragrance or winds during the day can carry away the scents.”

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Back to the Present

13 Jan

Back to the present on the subject of loving lunch.

Lunch bags

Lunch bags

I am very fond of Vera Bradley bags.  The colors and patterns of the fabrics of their products are consistently beautiful.  The VB bag at the upper left is an interpretation of brown bag.  The VB bag on the upper right holds two 12 ounce cans nicely.  That said the berry, pecan spring mix salad prepared at Meijer’s which magically appears in the refrigerator for my lunch best fits in my Avon Gardens tote bag.

New habit, rather than “do dishes” (aka wash a mug) @ work…there is enough room to carry it back and forth in the tote, so it is included in a normal dishwasher load.  Saves time too (due to the proximity of the sink).

Does carrying 1) backpack with laptop,  2) purse and 3) tote bag for lunch qualify for “bag lady” status?  😉