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Brown bag lunch = Love

10 Jan

Last week I caught a talk show moment when a young man said a brown bag lunch was a status symbol that someone cared to take the time prepare a meal. He preferred the love of brown bag lunch over having lunch money. Unfortunately, I did not get his name and I have thought about lunch since then…as I recall…

1st-6th grade:  I had a metal lunch box.
6th-12th grade:  I took brown bag lunches.
College-20 years of work: Fast food or cafeteria.
2000 to present: Logo insulated, Vera Bradley and a Avon Gardens tote bag have all been used to take my lunch to work.

Google searches are wonderful for trying to clarify my memory of that metal lunch box. I narrowed it down to these three photos.

I looked for Yogi Bear. Not quite right. Eventually, I found Huckleberry Hound and friends…1963…embossed….black border…..vacuum bottle thermos with glass liner and Bakelite cup (I remember the sound of my broken thermos). It looks like it would be worth over $100, if I had not worn it out in six years.

Fun fact: 120 million metal lunch boxes were sold between 1950 and 1970.

Option 3

Option 3

Option 2

Option 2

Option 1

Option 1 This is IT!