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Memories of my grandfather

26 Sep

Elizabeth’s Reflections on the Way Pap-pa’s Life Used to Be

Appalachia, Blue Ridge Mountains

Tennessee, Hawkins County

Saw Mill Holler, 317 Independence Avenue

the house, the saw mill shed, the Hall Lumber Co. office, the workshop

hen-house, tobacco barn and railroad tracks

front porch swing

Overalls with a pocket watch

Pocket knife for whittling nothing in particular

Tough, strong, independent


Logger, saw mill operation

Skilled craftsman

Built bridges in early years

Built trusses in middle years

Built furniture in later years

Wormy chestnut, antique wood finished with antique labor

Simple, frugal

Black Ford pick up truck 1947-1980

“Read a book Pap-pa.”

Play house with real windows and asphalt shingles

Cedar chest and grandfather clock

Brown mule ice cream in the freezer

Lumber scraps to nail together to float in the creek

Good tobacco crops meant $100 bills at Christmas

Fishing trips to Steam Plant Lake

Attentive care to my aging grandmother

Walking cane and hearing aid

Appreciation for pretty bank tellers, grocery clerks and nurses

Passion for life

Red and white tent for 90th and 91st birthday celebrations

Primary principle of life:  Work ethic

He explained that he did not have a regular job at 94 years of age

in a nursing home bed.

Kissed my hand to say good-bye.

I love you.

Grady Murrel Hall died 20 years ago today.

June 8, 1900-September 26, 1994