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Small space: Office annex

20 Dec

This desk is still my go to spot for surfing and email.

Almost new desk

One of my favorite things, is being able to have my Macbook Pro and iPad charging on the keyboard tray while only my old laptop takes desktop space.

The new requirement at home was a space for career/professional matters.  The solution is…

Office Annex

Office Annex

The carts(cabinets) circa early 1990s stow binders out of site and have open shelves for books, boxes and tray.  The lamp was spared from donation thanks to a small clamp.  Black and white photos were a gift from a co-worker.  The pair of narrow black shelves were unused from a set of four and the perfect proportions for this wall space.  My next task is to make this a higher density storage solution by scanning additional reference material.