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Domestic Archeology 2

28 Jun

Discovered in the corner of a large walk-in closet:  A collection of toothpick holders!  It was the “3 pigs” that caught my eye, which brought back memories of “trolls”, “mini-dragons” and doll house furniture.

Personally, I have collected thimbles, magnets, tack pins and silver charms.  I have been in many souvenir shops over the years. I don’t remember seeing toothpick holders sold as souvenirs.  Salt and pepper shakers…definitely.  This collection charmed me with remembrances from the Smokey Mountains, Virginia Beach, Black River Falls Wisconsin and a Marriott.  I wonder, how long it has been since Marriott sold souvenir toothpick holders?

What is your favorite collection?

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Big Dogs Fly

22 Feb

I have traveled by plane three times in 9 months.  Twice now I have seen dogs (not service) in the terminal waiting to board planes.  Photos are my witness!

Flight:  Indy to Baltimore

Flight: Indy to Baltimore

This dog is large enough to put a saddle on.

Flight:  Phoenix to Denver

Flight: Phoenix to Denver


Here we go again

Here we go again

I asked the second young woman about her canine c0mpanion.  They are moving from Alaska to Denver.  Phoenix was a layover.

BTW I like the carpet pattern.  The plane silhouette with concentric circles is interesting.  Nice choice.




Found at Baggage Claim

13 Feb

Indianapolis International Airport has a sense of humor!

Have a seat 1

Waiting on your luggage?  Have a seat 1

Waiting on your luggage? Have a seat 2.
Waiting on your luggage? Have a seat 2.


Waiting on your luggage?  Have a seat  3.

Waiting on your luggage? Have a seat 3.


The hard side Samsonite back of the “chair” looks like our Goodwill donation of several years ago.  Great idea for re-purposing antique luggage.  Notice that none of the components have rollers or telescoping handles.

I believe this is a lovely welcome area to Baggage Claim and the mystery of what happens to unclaimed bags is solved.