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On the road

17 Apr

Kentucky Artisan Center

This outstanding art center is conveniently located off of I-75 in Berea, KY.  It is an expansive building with many custom features.  High quality art pieces of different mediums are on display and for sale.  http://www.kentuckyartisancenter.ky.gov/

Cafe dining

There is an excellent menu for the café.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers in the restroom is not just for high-end hotels.  I have never used sedum and asters as a cut flowers.  Delightful.  I believe I will now!

Perfect souvenir? circa 1985

11 Oct

Needlepoint canvas purchased in France

“Margot, Creations de Paris.  LE CASTEL d’apres Laura”

Yes, this canvas was well within my budget for a souvenir from France in 1985.  The merits also included being light weight, easily packed and a remembrance of travels while needlepointing.  The problem is… it is still unfinished in 2017…over 30 years later!

I’m back to work on it with great lighting, a support frame and good seating.

Global Style

14 Feb

Emily Henderson’s (HGTV Design Star) blog post on “Global Style” reminded me of my grandmother!


Mam-ma Tuggle taught elementary school then traveled to the far corners of the world with teacher’s groups on her summer vacations from 1964-1990.  MDT’s living room was a treasure box of images and objects from her travels…Europe, Philippines, Japan, South America, Alaska, Greece, Australia, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, Hawaii…

"Mola" handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique technique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.

“Mola” handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.)

Sheepskin rug, Australia/New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

Sheepskin rug, New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

This reminds me of Morocco

I believe this is from the Philippines.












Having grown up with “World Style”….I chose this Chinese wool rug for myself at the 1980 World Fair.


Thank you Emily Henderson for naming this style, which sometimes feels like Pier One but is not.

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 22 Elegance

8 Apr

“Elegance” as translated by David Hinton.  Also translated “grace” or “adorning”.

Mom @ Hampton Court 2012

Mom @ Hampton Court 2012

Friday Photos: I Ching No. 43 Displacement

4 Mar
Thames River cruise (2012)

Thames River cruise (2012)

DSCF0682 copy 2

Inside the lock

DSCF0683 copy 2

Displaces river water

DSCF0684 copy 2

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 31 Influence or wooing

5 Feb
Diamond Jubilee, London 2012

Diamond Jubilee, London 2012

Friday photo: I Ching No. 56 Wanderer

21 Aug
Travel from Zurich

Travel from Zürich

What a blessing to have spacious accommodations after a red-eye flight!

I Ching No. 56 discusses “The Wanderer”.  The contemporary translation is travel.


Friday Photo: I Ching No. 16 Enthusiasm

29 May
Mom's enthusiam

Mom’s enthusiasm

Why is Mom so excited?  It was May 2012.  We got to board the plane for the second leg of our trip to London after weather caused the first leg to be diverted, unplanned overnight in wrong city and a flight crew that did not all show up.  What’s in store for us?  London gearing up for the Diamond Jubilee and a very special birthday tea at Kensington Palace Orangery.  The first adventure was to see the crown jewels at the Tower of London.

For the rehearsal dinner

For the rehearsal dinner

For the wedding

For the wedding

Mom is also enthusiastic about formal weddings…fantastic!  This is what she has selected to wear next month.

I appreciate Mom enthusiastic follower of this blog!  She has read all 239 posts from the beginning in 2010.

Thank you Mom!…..and Happy Birthday!  Best wishes for many more!

Friday Photo: Out there Over the Ocean

22 May
Ulua Beach Maui

Ulua Beach Maui

Domestic Archeology 2

28 Jun

Discovered in the corner of a large walk-in closet:  A collection of toothpick holders!  It was the “3 pigs” that caught my eye, which brought back memories of “trolls”, “mini-dragons” and doll house furniture.

Personally, I have collected thimbles, magnets, tack pins and silver charms.  I have been in many souvenir shops over the years. I don’t remember seeing toothpick holders sold as souvenirs.  Salt and pepper shakers…definitely.  This collection charmed me with remembrances from the Smokey Mountains, Virginia Beach, Black River Falls Wisconsin and a Marriott.  I wonder, how long it has been since Marriott sold souvenir toothpick holders?

What is your favorite collection?

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