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26 May

Indianapolis has hosted the 500 mile Indy Car Race on Memorial Day weekend for over 100 years!


Just as predictable as Race Day…are peonies in bloom on Race Day

I’m thinking of 500 for another reason….as I near completion of 5,000 items for Days for Girls International.

Each Days for Girls kit has 11 sewn items made by volunteers around the world.  Days for Girls delivers feminine hygiene kits globally.

I have volunteered since 2014.  After some months, I chose to concentrate on making the reversible trifold flannel pads and the top stitched shields with pockets, wings and PUL (polyurethane laminate).  (The drawstring bags, seen in most DfGI photos, make the 11th sewn item for each kit.)  Volunteer’s choice!

In my case, focusing on pads and shields…

4,000 pads (8/kit) and 1,000 shields (2/kit) means that I have supported 500 kits with 91% of the sewn content.

(Purchased items include panties, wash cloth, soap, ziplock freezer bags.)

Sewing includes purchasing your materials (some donated).

4,000 pads:  I get 10/yard.  Drum roll…400 yards of flannel

1,000 shields:  6.5/yard (front, back and 2 pockets)…150 yards of cotton print

1,000 shields also require lining (60″w)…40 yards of PUL

I have 54 empty spools that had 500 yds ea …27,000 yards of thread

It is a pleasure to support DfGI’s mission to support every girl PERIOD.



Globe Trotting

16 Jan

Since 2014, I have made a list of countries travelled to by friends and family.  In five years the list is:

Thailand, Ecuador, Peru, Sweden

Germany, Australia, Canada

China, Japan, Mexico

Scotland, Iceland, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Spain, England, France, Holland, Italy

Switzerland, Israel, Argentina

Jamaica, Haiti

My interest in world travel started early.  My grandmother brought dolls in native dress home as gifts for my sisters and me.  (Perhaps that is another post.)

From an early Elfcroft post (and a suggestion for my globe trotting friends):

What happens when you rummage through Grandmother’s end table?  The risk is discovery of something that needs to be dealt with, such as hundreds of postcards sent and received over three decades (1964-1994) of world travels with teacher groups.  The first sort was to separate sent from received.  Then, thanks to Mom saving itineraries, the post cards are arranged by trip, in chronological order.  I used three binders, two for Mam-ma’s travels and one for friends and family.

Mam-ma’s world travel

I chose binder pages so the cards could be viewed from both sides without removing from the sleeve.  The text, date and postage from country of origin are easily observed.  Post cards from Iceland are featured in the photo below.

Why use a camera? Buy post cards.

Having reference maps was essential to understanding the many regions Mam-ma travelled.  Originally, I was going to remove the pages from atlases purchased at Half Price Books, however many times I wanted to use both sides of the pages in different section of the binder.  Solution:  I made color copies from the atlases.

Maps provide context

Itineraries as table of contents

Mom saved all Mam-ma’s itineraries typed in the format shown above.  This was very helpful with sorting.  World travel of our grandmother’s life time ready to share with inquiring minds.

Seven Global Concepts

10 Jan

Seven Global Concepts…inspiration for the New Year?


By Starre Vartan Dec 30, 2014

Very thoughtful blog post, beautifully illustrated concepts

Friluftsliv              Norwegian being outside is good for mind and spirit

Shinrin-yoku       Japanese forest bathing

Hygge                      Denmark togetherness, coziness

Wabi-sabi              Japanese embracing imperfections

Kaizen                     Japanese continuous improvement

Gemutlichkeit     German means more than cozy (peak in winter)

Jugaad                   Hindi innovative fix (frugal)

I read about “forest bathing” in the American Way magazine (Dec 2016).  https://americanwaymagazine.com/woodland-cureThey claim 25 percent of the Japanese population walk in wooded areas. The author forecasts doctors writing a prescription to get outdoors…instead of blood pressure medication!

Being outdoors:  good for the mind and spirit…I think of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, understatement-walking the Appalachian Trail. This same article refers to wabi-sabi which finds beauty imperfections. (Growing up, we called it “character”.)

The Kaizen concept is familiar to me thru my career in manufacturing. I like the “jugaad” notion. Many times that comes up when you least expect it trying to extend the life of clothing, furnishings, appliances, etc.  https://www.graphicproducts.com/articles/what-is-kaizen/

Explore the links included.  Great information.  Happy New Year!


A Swedish holiday tradition

23 Dec

St. Lucia crown holiday tradition

Merry Christmas

Carol, is this the 20th year you have made the St. Lucia Crown bread?

Background information from the web:



From Houzz: Beautiful dining rooms from around the world

2 Nov


Global Style

14 Feb

Emily Henderson’s (HGTV Design Star) blog post on “Global Style” reminded me of my grandmother!


Mam-ma Tuggle taught elementary school then traveled to the far corners of the world with teacher’s groups on her summer vacations from 1964-1990.  MDT’s living room was a treasure box of images and objects from her travels…Europe, Philippines, Japan, South America, Alaska, Greece, Australia, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, Hawaii…

"Mola" handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique technique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.

“Mola” handmade in Panama. (Reverse applique using 2 to 7 layers of different colored cloth.)

Sheepskin rug, Australia/New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

Sheepskin rug, New Zealand Love this sooo much, I have four!

This reminds me of Morocco

I believe this is from the Philippines.












Having grown up with “World Style”….I chose this Chinese wool rug for myself at the 1980 World Fair.


Thank you Emily Henderson for naming this style, which sometimes feels like Pier One but is not.

From Houzz: Personal libraries around the world

13 Oct


AWESOME!  Outstanding photos of the libraries and owners!

  • Personal interviews from 11 countries:

Canada, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, UK, Russia, Germany, Sweden

  • Described as:

Two story, Hallway, Nest, Stacks, Nook, Floating, Cave, Home, Geometric, Corner, With a View

  • Size:

300 to 6500 books


A couple of the interviews had comments about digital libraries.  Merging digital and paper was on my mind when I posted “It started when…” on July 28, 2015…part the evolution of my personal library that involved clearing obsolescence and sorting.



From Houzz, Global home tour

1 Sep


Creative!  Inspiring!  Inventive!  Delightful!



For the love of color, pattern, texture and girls!

14 Apr

Made for Days for Girls International to distribute globally.


Drawstring bags

20 Drawstring bags

These fabric bags are packed with two liners with PUL layer and wings, eight reversible tri-fold flannel pads, two Ziploc gallon size bags, wash cloth, soap and panty.

Sixty liners shown here.  The goal was to make no two alike from bold colors and patterns.

Selection of reversible, tri-fold flannel pads

Selection of reversible, tri-fold flannel pads

Eight different flannel pads per kit

Eight different flannel pads per kit

Ship day for my kits for Days for Girls International

29 Apr

I read about  this organization in this month’s issue of Oprah magazine.  As a four-year supporter of Helping Hands Touching Hearts (see earlier blog posts); Days for Girls International has a strong appeal to me.  They take part of the service work and support to a new level with an expanded mission.  With five years experience, they have incorporated “lessons learned” in their “crowd-sourced” global system.


The official website of Days for Girls International. Dignity, health, opportunity. Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. Washable sanitary solutions for women.

The website is very well done.  Initially, I spent an hour reading, exploring links and watching You Tube video instruction.  My first step was to go through the remnant stash (from over 50 girls dresses).  From the small remnants, I yielded (69) 4″X5″ pocket pieces.  From the medium remnants, I yielded (10) sets of liner pieces.  From the trip to JoAnn’s, I purchased 10 yards of flannel in 4 different color/patterns.

The instructions from the website smartly includes downloadable patterns and video instruction of the finished kit.  Eight washable pads go with two washable liners, one panty and one wash cloth.  The quality expectation is for the kit to last an individual girl for three years.  It is also expected to be colorful, beautiful and neatly packed in a gallon size Ziplock bag inside a pretty drawstring bag.  Lovely!

It's a start

It’s a start!

I added another 11 yards of flannel, more of my fabric stash, PUL and lots of thread.

Shipping 22 DfGI kits

Shipping 22 DfGI kits

My first shipment includes 22 wash cloths, 22 drawstring bags in 3 different fabrics, 44 liners with wings and 88 pockets and most importantly….176 tri-fold flannel pads in 8 different colors.

The “polar vortex” winter created opportunities to make a lot of progress for one woman with one sewing machine in her cozy attic sewing room.  There were over runs on a each of the items sooo….the next shipment in the works.