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From Houzz: 10 ways to organize your books

14 Feb


Elfcroft survey:  What I found….

  1. Classics/Contemporary           NO
  2. Read/Unread                             Only digital books
  3. Genre or Niche


  4. Series or Edition

    My first series

  5. A to Z or Z to A                         NO
  6. By Size

    Coffee Table books:  bottom shelf

  7. By Topic

    One of many:  I Ching research

  8. Hard Cover/Paperback           NO
  9. Outward Facing                         NO
  10. Mood or Setting

    Hour for hour, most of my reading of digital books is in-flight

    Wow!  Choosing just one of the 10 suggestions made by Laura Gaskill would be TOO limiting.  Thank you Laura!

    Check out using library style carts (post dated Dec 3, 2018 “Coincidence? Mini Libraries”)

From Houzz: Inspiring spaces for crafting

31 Jan


Outstanding examples of lovely work spaces!

I especially like the weaving room.  It is so important to have a way to showcase projects.

At home with Elfcroft, I sew solo.  My sewing room also accomodates knitting, needlepoint and legacy projects that may not make the finish line…

Over 60

13 Aug

Award winning artists…Over 60!  These paintings are outstanding.  I especially like the portrait with the sewing machine…what an amazing heirloom for the family.  From still life to rugged landscapes…congratulations to all the artists.


Seven Global Concepts

10 Jan

Seven Global Concepts…inspiration for the New Year?


By Starre Vartan Dec 30, 2014

Very thoughtful blog post, beautifully illustrated concepts

Friluftsliv              Norwegian being outside is good for mind and spirit

Shinrin-yoku       Japanese forest bathing

Hygge                      Denmark togetherness, coziness

Wabi-sabi              Japanese embracing imperfections

Kaizen                     Japanese continuous improvement

Gemutlichkeit     German means more than cozy (peak in winter)

Jugaad                   Hindi innovative fix (frugal)

I read about “forest bathing” in the American Way magazine (Dec 2016).  https://americanwaymagazine.com/woodland-cureThey claim 25 percent of the Japanese population walk in wooded areas. The author forecasts doctors writing a prescription to get outdoors…instead of blood pressure medication!

Being outdoors:  good for the mind and spirit…I think of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, understatement-walking the Appalachian Trail. This same article refers to wabi-sabi which finds beauty imperfections. (Growing up, we called it “character”.)

The Kaizen concept is familiar to me thru my career in manufacturing. I like the “jugaad” notion. Many times that comes up when you least expect it trying to extend the life of clothing, furnishings, appliances, etc.  https://www.graphicproducts.com/articles/what-is-kaizen/

Explore the links included.  Great information.  Happy New Year!


Friday Photo: I Ching No.35 Prospering

4 Dec
Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria 2012

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, March 2012

Wikipedia sites the design of Neuschwanstein inspired both Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s castles.

Intriguing IChing Inspiration

9 Feb

I thoroughly enjoyed WordPress’ Photography 101 (Nov 14).  The challenging assignments were provoking because the best responses I had were not new photos.  I posted from my albums anyway.  The experience reminded me of the challenge in 1999 from a workshop inspired by IChing.  The purpose of the workshop was to create a collage.  To continue the study (of a subject I knew nothing about) I made more collages.

One thing leads to another…I wondered if I had photographs that could be a reasonable images for IChing readings….YES!  Now Friday Photos will feature “IChing Inspired” in addition to “Alphabet/Alliteration” subjects.

Because IChing is an obscure subject, I added a new page to this site that chronicles my study and references for inquiring minds.  Check it out!  Are you familiar with IChing?

Storytelling inspiration

16 Mar

Names of Paint colors:

    • Coral cove
    • Chocolate turtle
    • Sunburst
    • Tropical mist
    • Pacific beach
    • Paris green
    • Bunny’s nose
    • Baby bunting
    • Icy Bay
    • Iceberg
    • Steel city
    • Birthday cake
    • Divine
    • Sand trap
    • Golden straw hat
    • Evening surf
    • Moon glow
    • Swiss mocha
    • Caribbean green
    • Treasure isle
    • Tropical holiday
    • English ivy
    • Blue whale
    • Dover Straits
    • Cool lagoon
    • Stained glass
    • Remembrance
    • Egyptian pyramid
    • Alaskan blue
    • Godiva cream
    • Cricket field
    • Melody
    • Wind mill

There is a lot of potential in this list.

“Homemade is hip.”

3 Dec

Found in the Indianapolis Star, November 30, 2012.  “For many women, crafting becomes a business” by Amanda Bell.  Love this!


  • Personal stories of 4 local crafters.
  • Diverse sales strategies
  • Links to websites
  • Calendar of related events
  • How to!

Inspiration the old-fashioned way!  Newspaper 🙂