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Happy New Year 2021!

1 Jan

I worked on these collages New Year’s Eve 1999 to welcome the new millennium, a year with three zeros 😉

What was I thinking? Paradox is upside down.
Completion. Notes to myself regarding work, family, relationships.
Love. Books, my dog Alex, God boxes, factory life.
Healing hands. Body work, chiropractic, massage, Rolfing, craniosacral.
Vision. The eyes have it.
Morning glory. Dawn of the new millennium.

Happy New Year 2021! That’s all folks!

Friday Photo: IChing Inspired

13 Feb



Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Treading”, collage, E. Frazee, May 22, 1999

#10 Conduct

Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Lizard treading on leopard tail”

#10 Conduct:  Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

#10 Conduct: Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

The abbreviated explanation comes from Wilhelm commentary The Spirit of the Art of Living: when threatened, in danger or deprived of power…to come to terms with it…stand still and wait, there may be guidance… claim destiny, simply proceed with faith and victory and progress. “Wow” I said to myself. “That is profound.”

Intriguing IChing Inspiration

9 Feb

I thoroughly enjoyed WordPress’ Photography 101 (Nov 14).  The challenging assignments were provoking because the best responses I had were not new photos.  I posted from my albums anyway.  The experience reminded me of the challenge in 1999 from a workshop inspired by IChing.  The purpose of the workshop was to create a collage.  To continue the study (of a subject I knew nothing about) I made more collages.

One thing leads to another…I wondered if I had photographs that could be a reasonable images for IChing readings….YES!  Now Friday Photos will feature “IChing Inspired” in addition to “Alphabet/Alliteration” subjects.

Because IChing is an obscure subject, I added a new page to this site that chronicles my study and references for inquiring minds.  Check it out!  Are you familiar with IChing?

Alphabet Photography

16 Nov

ABC Collage

ABC Collage

The weekend assignment for Photography 101 is to explore how light varies throughout the day.  Again, the sun is not cooperating with those of us who live in the mid-west.

Throw back to a earlier project:

Alphabet photography.  All the letters were found @ 1968 Rudgate Drive.  Read left to right.  Some take more imagination than others.  Yes, one was left out to fit the 5 X 5 collage format.  The photos were taken from North-South-East and West of the house at different times of the day.


7 Mar

Check out this link for storytelling templates like:

Your story can be told in four simple parts:

  • Once upon a time: The introduction. Set the stage; where does your story start?
  • Suddenly: The story’s characters are confronted with a challenge.
  • And then: The characters take action to address it.
  • Happily ever after: How did it all work out?



who engaged us with her

Vivacious vocation

Profound profession

Lessons of livelihood

Existential experience



KL storyboard 1

KL storyboard 1

Inspired by names of paint colors, comic strips, images of chocolate, popcorn, a transmission and “golden” nest eggs;

we honored our long time friend

and recanted the habits of highly effective people which she embodies.

KL storyboard 2

KL storyboard 2

More names of paint colors on the second storyboard panel inspired dreams of travel adventures around the world.

…and a happily ever after.

Credit to Liza Hyatt for using paint names for input to creative writing projects.  Just maybe this story evolves and becomes poetry, lyrics, short story, article, autobiography or novel.

I actually applied paint chips to the storyboards in these photos as well as calendar images, wrapping paper, Christmas card, decorative paper, puzzle and a Designed Experiment matrix.