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From Houzz: Beautiful dining rooms from around the world

2 Nov


“I have a dream” engraved in stone

16 Jan
"I have a dream" from the location the words were spoken.

“I have a dream” from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where the speech inspired our country and the world.

Friday Photo: IChing Inspired

13 Feb


Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Treading”, collage, E. Frazee, May 22, 1999

#10 Conduct

Imagination inspired by IChing:  “Lizard treading on leopard tail”

#10 Conduct:  Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

#10 Conduct: Heaven above, Joyous Lake below

The abbreviated explanation comes from Wilhelm commentary The Spirit of the Art of Living: when threatened, in danger or deprived of power…to come to terms with it…stand still and wait, there may be guidance… claim destiny, simply proceed with faith and victory and progress. “Wow” I said to myself. “That is profound.”