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More from Houzz: Unique Home Libraries

11 Jun

In this era of digital books this article makes you want to reach out, take a book off the shelf and turn pages!

From Houzz: Beautiful dining rooms from around the world

2 Nov


From Houzz: Incredible home design from Japan

10 May

Amazing solutions to constraints!


She Catches Sun Beams

21 Mar

Better than catching a mouse? The boss thinks so!!

Houzz call: Barkitecture, Pet of the week and Design Happy

6 Dec

For the love and joy of our pets:  Three charming articles from Houzz.com.



From Houzz: Antiques Today?

16 Aug



Barrel back chairs

Barrel back chairs

This alcove was originally configured for cabinets/buffet in the dining area.  The cabinets were long ago used in a modification of the kitchen floor plan.  Today the alcove (with pot/can lighting) has just enough space to “show case” these barrel back chairs in their new life for reading and conversation.

From Houzz: “Futuro”

24 May

Awesome story!  Not only a flash back to visions of our future, but also dedication to claim and restore that vision.



ET..."Turn on your heart light"

ET…”Time to phone home!”

To add a personal story:  Yes, I have had this figurine of ET (for Extra Terrestrial) since the early 80s….saving him for grins and to illustrate my blog 😉  He was the star of the 1982 Block Buster Movie by the same name.  “Phone home” is the most memorable line of the script.

Retreat @ home

11 Nov

“A Sisterhood of Sheds” was published last month in the Indianapolis Star.  How delightful!  “She Sheds” are spaces detached from the house, decorated to be a sanctuary for the woman of the house.  A network of shed owners from around the world are connected by a Facebook group called “She Shed Sisters” with 1350 members!  Creative!  Inspirational!  Even practical.

Reminds me of the lovely book Chris Madden published in 1998 A Room of Her Own featuring high-profile clients with stunning photography of their most personal spaces.


http://www.indystar.com/story/life/2015/10/25/bloomington-shesheds-trends/74338284/    (This link is annoying because the Indy Star, insists on a survey question before you can read the article.)

Perhaps…there is a New Year’s resolution in these ideas….


From Houzz: Personal libraries around the world

13 Oct


AWESOME!  Outstanding photos of the libraries and owners!

  • Personal interviews from 11 countries:

Canada, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, UK, Russia, Germany, Sweden

  • Described as:

Two story, Hallway, Nest, Stacks, Nook, Floating, Cave, Home, Geometric, Corner, With a View

  • Size:

300 to 6500 books


A couple of the interviews had comments about digital libraries.  Merging digital and paper was on my mind when I posted “It started when…” on July 28, 2015…part the evolution of my personal library that involved clearing obsolescence and sorting.



Epicenter for Change

18 Feb

The tenet of I Ching (Book of Changes) is that all life is change.  The ancient Chinese observations are organized into 64 descriptions of expected/predictable changes.  When the element of time is added, transitions between these changes are also predictable (if, as modern Westerners we can understand the language and symbols).

Since adding my page “I Ching Inspiration”, I realized for the last 18 months there has been a LOT of change in and around my home here in the midwest.  For example:  a new roof, restoration of drainage (blocked by south neighbor), city water lines…plus the sale and renovation of our backdoor neighbor’s property of 40 years.  Here I go… with I Ching references and photos!

New Roof:  #18 Correcting

Preparation for new decking and new shingles

Preparation for new decking and new shingles

Ditch Restoration:  #34 Great Invigorating

Two truck loads of fill removed

Two truck loads of fill removed

City waterline:  #53 Advancement

Ditch digging

Ditch digging

1973 Duplex Remodel:  #35 Prospering Progress

New windows, doors, toilets!

New windows, doors, toilets!