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Hot Dog! A New Sink

18 Jul
Hot dog!  An old fashioned exclamation of pleasure plus the introduction to my short story.

Best value!  $1.5o foot long hot dog and soda at Costco stores (Note:  chicken caesar salads are also great for $4).  We shared this opinion with Mom, who said she had not had a hot dog in a long time.  Next thing we know, she and Dad ate hot dogs when they ate out and bought some at the grocery.  Of course when we go to the grocery, we are thinking hot dogs and buy some to take home.  The twist in the story comes, when we discovered all our condiments had expired (it had been that long since we had hot dogs at home).  
I proceed to empty contents in the compost bin, some went thru the disposal, followed by disposing the bottles for recycling.  A couple of days later…under the old sink…it smells like ketchup and mustard.  The disposal failed.  New disposal ordered…hmmm…outlet and hoses and connections should be updated…might as well replace the sink too!  (The almond finish of the old sink went with the appliances we replaced 10 years ago.)  One thing leads to another and it may start with hot dogs.  Happy National Hot Dog Day 2017, Wednesday July 19th!

Kiwi for gardening

16 May

Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised to find potted “Hardy Kiwi” for $12 at Cox’s Plant Farm.  I thought kiwi grew on trees like apples or cherries.  It is a vine that prefers a trellis to support perhaps 100 fruit.  We’ll let you know how we did.


Friday Photos: I Ching No. 3 Sprouting

21 Apr

Sprouting melon seeds

The potential energy is astonishing!  Each one of these melon sprouts can become a vine that produces a dozen melons which each have hundreds of seeds in their center!  These sprouts are from one of last year’s melons, which was from seed Dad saved from the previous year.  Tomatoes can be even more prolific!

Parts of seeds:  embryo, endosperm and coat(protective layer)  Notice in the lower left corner that several seed coats cling to the new leaves.


Looking forward to the fruit of these sprouts in mid and late summer!

“Sugar Kiss”, Sand Stone Melon Co. Inc.

Better than a bowl of cherries

22 Aug
"Sugar Kiss", Sand Stone Melon Co. Inc.

Homegrown “Sugar Kiss” melon (Sand Stone Melon Co. Inc.)


Have you tried Hummingbird Cake?

14 Jun

Humming1_IMG_20160611_212618365 copy

Humming2_IMG_20160612_071424454 copy

Humming3_IMG_20160612_075530641 copy

Humming5_IMG_20160612_111407687 copy

Humming6_IMG_20160612_131006519 copy

This is my first time (this millennium) baking a cake from scratch.  With a Bake Sale on the calendar this month, I was eager and anxious to try a new recipe.  This is actually an old recipe which includes smashed bananas, pineapple, pecans and cream cheese.  It is the most downloaded recipe from the Southern Living website.  I made the Bundt pan version of the original layer cake.  “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Originally submitted by Mrs. L.H. Wiggins of Greensboro, North Carolina in our February 1978 issue, this Hummingbird Cake recipe is known to have won numerous blue ribbons at county fairs.

Gardener’s dilemma

17 May
"It's my day to sleep in."

“It’s my day to sleep in.”….”Did you say fresh catnip?”….”I’ll be right down!”


Spring mix of perennial volunteers...catnip, lemon balm, oregano and island in the garden plot.

Spring mix of perennial volunteers…catnip, lemon balm, oregano and mint…an island in the garden plot.  All (except the oregano) take a lot of effort to keep from taking over the garden.






Love the foliage and the tameness of these perennials.





Tomato seedlings

Six Tomato seedlings

Melon seedlings with room for vines to run along retaining wall.

Melon seedlings with room for vines to run along retaining wall.







I chose very young plants this year due to the unseasonably cool weather.  May need to replant.  I also chose to add a path for access to the six tomato plants.






Dilemma?  25 years ago my kitchen garden was two 8’X8′ raised beds in full sun.  Over the years the transition has been to nearly full shade.  The Earth Angel and Golden Edge Hostas  as well as bird bath and feeders were the new look.  A sweeping retaining wall replaced the original box plots enclosing about 400 square feet.  The dilemma for this season is that we are back to full sun due to the loss of ash trees to disease.  The hostas may not survive a hot August.  Rather than fine tuning the stepping stone path (and have to redo), I took them up and mulched the path.  Check back in the fall on how this season worked out!




Friday Photos: I Ching No. 50 Holding

26 Feb

Hawaiian style…

Fish pond

Fish pond.  The tide brings fish in.  The stone wall holds them.

Work to maintain the wall

Work to maintain the wall

Ko'ie'ie Fish Pond

Ko’ie’ie Fish Pond

Hawaiian ponds are built to raise and harvest fish.  This six acre example produced over 2,000 pounds of fish a year.

Impossible Pie

23 Feb
Impossible Broccoli Pie

Impossible Broccoli Pie

Impossible Bacon and Swiss Pie

Impossible Bacon and Swiss Pie

Here in lies recipes for 5 Impossible Pies (circa 1980)

Here in lies recipes for 5 Impossible Pies (circa 1980)

The big idea is to have a crustless pie.  The five recipes include Bacon, Turkey, Vegetable, Seafood and Pumpkin.  When it is time to pitch-in a dish at church, I usually take two.  The baking time and temperatures are the same.  Bonus:  No extra clean up.

Adventure in Cooking

16 Feb


Hardly new, this cookbook was published in 1985.  It actually offers over 19,000 recipes because each basic recipe comes with a 4 X 4 matrix of alternative ingredients…. Such as seasonings, soups, vegetables, cheeses, accompaniments, meats, garnishes depending upon the nature of the dish.

Yesterday, I surfed the web for a recipe for black bean burgers (which I tried for the first time during the holidays).  Of course, each recipe had its appeal….you know where I’m going with this.  I narrowed the field to three recipes and made my personal ingredient list to include:  2 cans black beans, 1/4 c grated onion, 1 egg, 3 T Miracle Whip, 1/3 c dry bread crumbs, 2 t ground cumin, 2 t chopped garlic, 1 t dried oregano, 1/2 t Chili powder.

These ingredients are made into patties cooked a skillet….That’s the part I’m working on.  The taste is great.  The result was NOT worthy of photographing.  I smothered them with salsa and sour cream.

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 27 Providing Nourishment

11 Dec
Birthday cake from the Hummingbird Bakery, London

Birthday cake from the Hummingbird Bakery, London

Well….cake may not be the best nourishment for the body, but it is essential for celebrations.  I also highly recommend the Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis.