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Makes cents!

18 Nov

“Regenerative agriculture claims that the solution doesn’t lie in new technology or mass machinery. It may be right in front of us: livestock.”

Check out this article from the Huffington Post:



Check out this article from Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group:


“We have this huge planetary food system enhanced by synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, but there are ways to balance that out now, and that’s through raising animals in balance with the ecosystem’s restoration. Nothing else can do what a cow or sheep or buffalo can do.”

– Jack Algiere, farm director at Stone Barns for Food and Agriculture



Friday Photos: New Coat

29 Dec

Blue-eyed Buddy Boy has a thick winter coat!

And a blue knitted blanket just his size.

And new accommodation in the former dairy barn.

YES! Close to the wood burning stove!

The mower barn was drafty!  And the hay barn is not the same since it was rebuilt after the fire in July.


Blue-eyed Buddy Boy (update)

24 Oct


Buddy Boy

I introduced Buddy Boy in July, when he was found after being missing 21 days following a barn fire.  He is well.  Though he may prefer rolls of hay in the winter, presently he resides in the mower barn.

October Surprise

Blued-eyed Buddy Boy

3 Aug

Found 21 days after the hay barn fire!

Buddy Boy is well on his way to recovery.

Site of former 1970s era hay barn at Nina Bay Farm.  Check out more images:  Click on Nina Bay Farm page or https://elfcroft.me/nina-bay/


Journey with a drop of water

5 Apr

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Journey with a drop of water

in an ordinary stream on an ordinary farm.

Begin at the rusty barbed wire fence in the northeast section.

Consider tumbling, flowing,

floating, pooling, rippling,

swishing, swirling,

bank left

crashing, splashing,

bank right

movement through sunlight and shadow

embrace stones

waltz around pebbles

glide across sand

dive beneath limbs

carry fish

Emerge at the one land bridge.

Elizabeth Frazee  3-Apr-96 (WOW…20 years ago)

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Alternative workout

23 Mar

My exercises of choice include 5K walking, yoga classes and swimming laps.  I wrote a post about the Automattic’s Worldwide 5K Event September 23rd last year.  I’m looking forward to doing another one this year.

Opportunities to stretch oneself come along….like relocating firewood to help open space in a barn for more hay storage.  The subject firewood was very neatly stacked at the point where it was cut.

From here

From here

This stack was originally small, long, straight trees used for poles to hang tobacco plants to dry.  (The hay barn was originally a tobacco barn.)  Long out of use, the poles were cut into firewood.  The problem is this is about a quarter-mile from where it would ultimately be used.  Now, this is where my alternative workout comes in.

Load 1

Load 1

Load 2

Load 2

Load 4

Load 4

My estimation is there were 45 wheel barrel loads times two with about 66# per load.  First to load the end of the truck at the hay barn and the second to unload at the former dairy barn.  This is one row deep on the truck with the goal to stay within an ergonomic zone for reach (which did not apply to the start and finish stacks).  So, where am I going with this?

Stowed at point of use for Dad

Stowed at point of use for Dad, 85 years young

Stowed front

Stowed front

Stowed back

Stowed back








Dad is ready for next winter with wood at point of use, stowed under a 4′ x 8′ workbench.  Yes, there was an overflow.  Fun estimates:  density of this wood=30#/cu.ft and 100 cu. ft of storage makes for 3000#s or 1.5 tons!  That concludes the story of my alternative workout.