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Journey with a drop of water

5 Apr

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Journey with a drop of water

in an ordinary stream on an ordinary farm.

Begin at the rusty barbed wire fence in the northeast section.

Consider tumbling, flowing,

floating, pooling, rippling,

swishing, swirling,

bank left

crashing, splashing,

bank right

movement through sunlight and shadow

embrace stones

waltz around pebbles

glide across sand

dive beneath limbs

carry fish

Emerge at the one land bridge.

Elizabeth Frazee  3-Apr-96 (WOW…20 years ago)

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Friday Photos: I Ching No. 57 Wind and No. 58 Lake

6 Nov

There are many layers of meanings associated with I Ching.  I captured some of them on my I Ching inspiration page.  Hexagram 57 and 58 are both double trigrams for wind and lake respectively……soooo how does a wall become a good match for wind?  This particular wall located at the Clinch Mountain overlook…windy; and part of the text refers to the penetrating nature of wind….well I was fortunate get this image of shadow and wall as a vanishing point or penetrating image.

Gentle penetrating wind @ Clinch Mountain

I Ching No. 57   Gentle penetrating wind @ Clinch Mountain

Lake view @ Clinch Mountain overlook

I Ching No. 58    Lake view @ Clinch Mountain overlook

Friday Photo: I Ching No. 29 The gorge

30 Oct
The gorge at Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria 2012

The gorge at Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria 2012 (from the bridge above)

The concept is water flowing without interruption (in spite of obstacles) and reaches its destination…sounds like success to me.