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Friday Photo: I Ching No. 17 Following

12 Feb


Great idea! I'm behind you.

Great idea! I’m behind you.

In these days and times, following means getting updates on blogs ;), Twitter, Facebook….social media.  Thank you turtles!  with slow motion… the concept of following seems a good label for this image.

Friday Photos: I Ching No. 57 Wind and No. 58 Lake

6 Nov

There are many layers of meanings associated with I Ching.  I captured some of them on my I Ching inspiration page.  Hexagram 57 and 58 are both double trigrams for wind and lake respectively……soooo how does a wall become a good match for wind?  This particular wall located at the Clinch Mountain overlook…windy; and part of the text refers to the penetrating nature of wind….well I was fortunate get this image of shadow and wall as a vanishing point or penetrating image.

Gentle penetrating wind @ Clinch Mountain

I Ching No. 57   Gentle penetrating wind @ Clinch Mountain

Lake view @ Clinch Mountain overlook

I Ching No. 58    Lake view @ Clinch Mountain overlook

Friday Photos: Related Reflections

5 Jun





Town hall

What do these photos have in common?  It is the same lake.