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Blued-eyed Buddy Boy

3 Aug

Found 21 days after the hay barn fire!

Buddy Boy is well on his way to recovery.

Site of former 1970s era hay barn at Nina Bay Farm.  Check out more images:  Click on Nina Bay Farm page or https://elfcroft.me/nina-bay/


She Catches Sun Beams

21 Mar

Better than catching a mouse? The boss thinks so!!

Haiku: Work at home today

24 Jan
Office assistant "Eve" approves

Office assistant “Eve” approves


Wash, dry, fold laundry,

Reply, click send, scan, save, shred

Eve approves blog post.

Time to turn out the lights.

Time to turn out the lights.

Tree Story

21 Dec
"Eve" was a Christmas present to us Christmas "Eve" of 2006.

“Eve” was a Christmas present to us Christmas “Eve” of 2006.  (She should NOT be on the table cloth.)

If trees could talk….

The six sparkly cane shaped ornaments were my first purchase (early 1970s).  I remember the Christmas Shop well.  It was July in North Carolina!  The shop was cool!  Full size trees were decorated to the max.  Enchanting.  Delightful.

The Christmas Shop, 621 South Highway 64, Manteo, NC 27954 – See more at: http://outerbankschristmas.com/About.htm#sthash.i4bIvfu5.dpuf

According to the history on their website, they downsized and closed the business for 90 days in 2008.  It has since reopened and sounds delightful as I remember.

For more than twenty years I had fresh-cut Christmas trees, they are not talking.  About twenty-five years ago, when “more was more”, I bought this little tree to be a “theme” tree in my master bedroom.  The vision:  white lights and blown glass ornaments.  That plan was in effect for several years.  When my stepdaughter insisted on decorating a Christmas tree each Thanksgiving weekend, she claimed this little one for her room the next 10 years.  The decorations were all of her choosing.

After a seven-year storage period, our littlest tree regularly appears with ornaments selected to remind us of our angels Anne, Grandma Sophie, Kathy and beloved cat Shelby.  Merry Christmas to all!

Tree Story

Tree Story



Houzz call: Barkitecture, Pet of the week and Design Happy

6 Dec

For the love and joy of our pets:  Three charming articles from Houzz.com.



Friday Photo: Eve, let’s read a book

14 Oct
Let's read!

Let’s read!

Our alcove with LED pot lights is “purrrfect” for reading “old-fashioned” books.  Eve joined me in the adjacent chair for each chapter.

This week we read the old-fashioned format…paper, hard cover, jacket of Legends and Lies, The Patriots by David Fisher.  We recommend reading this compelling history of the founding of the United States, especially in an election season.  Our politics were messy then, as now.



27 cubic feet

19 Apr

My survey of 50 years of accumulated personal files/papers….estimates 27 cubic feet….how low can we go?

“Eat the elephant one bite at a time.”

Left stack: scan and recycle. Right stack: straight to recycle.

Left stack: scan and recycle. Right stack: straight to recycle.

I purchased a Brother ADS1500W portable scanner.  This was my break through!  Compact, desktop, less than three pounds, scans two sides @ a time, sends new pdf files wirelessly to my laptop.  LOVE IT!

Tone and shred!

Tone and shred!  Three bags full!

Are you done yet? Yawn.

“Are you done yet?”  Yawn…..NO.

15 inches cleared/reclaimed! WooHoo!

15 inches cleared/reclaimed of 108! WooHoo!

For folks who are numbers and task oriented, I believe it helps to depersonalize stuff with numbers and the base line helps to quickly access progress.

This project is on HOLD at the half way mark, since higher priorities have prevailed.

Friday Photos: I Ching No. 47 Oppression

29 Jan

The modern translation for I Ching No. 47 is confining………………………………on the light and bright side:

Cat in the box (Shelby)

Cat in the Box (Shelby)


Raven cage, Tower of London, 2012

Raven cage, Tower of London, 2012


On the dark side:

Tower of London, prisoner entrance

Prisoner entrance, Tower of London, 2012

Love these three projects from Shutterfly

8 Dec

2015 Holiday cards and 2016 Calendar

Yes, office assistant “Eve” even appears on my holiday cards.  (She is “Eve” because she was found abandoned in a cattle trailer Christmas Eve of 2006).

The second project is a very special calendar for a WWII veteran featuring photos from two trips to the memorial in Washington D.C. (2008 Reunion and 2014 Honor Flight).  I discovered last year (don’t know how long the feature has been available) that photos of family members can be dropped in on their birth dates with text!  @92 years young, it helps!  This 2016 calendar was a quick update of what I prepared for 2015 and saved as a project on the Shutterfly site.


"My Life as an Artist" by Mary Ann Boysen

“My Life as an Artist” by Mary Ann Boysen

My cousin Mary Ann Boysen’s career as an artist spans 40 years.  She prepared this book as a legacy for her grandsons.  She shared her book with me on Shutterfly.  Yes, I wanted to have my own copy to “tell the story” of my own 20+ collection of her watercolor originals (plus a few prints).  The book format is 11″X14″ and 93 pages is hardly enough to do justice to her life’s work.

Oh!  and Shutterfly included with the shipments 40% off discounts thru the end of the year.  There may be an update 🙂





From Houzz on Home Libraries

20 Oct


This article suggests there are three styles (Dewey decimal system not included):  bookstore, theme and rainbow order.  After paring down and shuffling my books in July, I went with “theme” bookshelves.  Laura Gaskill has great advice with photos for oversize books, plan to rotate, display covers, care for rare books, rack ’em (children’s), vertical or stacks, accent with bookends and last but not least….leave room for more!

Coffee table books

Coffee table books

My oversize books span decades with The Incredible Year 1968 being a clue.  Kenny Rogers, Your Friends and Mine was a gift from my sister in 1987.  She had Kenny Rogers autograph it for me.  Tennessee, Virginia and Indiana have been home.  Hmmmm….I need a rotation plan for these books on the coffee table.

Eve and brass book end

Eve and brass book end

I love bookends and often buy them as gifts.  My shelves are so full, I don’t often use bookends myself.  However on my desk is a single brass one of a dog and a cat on a stack of books.  My grandmother used it for years.  Office assistant Eve…insists her photo is better than a brass cat!