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More from Houzz: Unique Home Libraries

11 Jun

In this era of digital books this article makes you want to reach out, take a book off the shelf and turn pages!

Houzz call: Barkitecture, Pet of the week and Design Happy

6 Dec

For the love and joy of our pets:  Three charming articles from Houzz.com.



Fall Festival: Covered Bridges

18 Oct

60th Annual Parke County, Indiana Covered Bridge Festival

Two weeks starting the second Friday in October.

We missed the crowds on a rainy afternoon, drove over this bridge named “Rolling Stone” built in 1915 and took these photos.


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From Houzz: Antiques Today?

16 Aug



Barrel back chairs

Barrel back chairs

This alcove was originally configured for cabinets/buffet in the dining area.  The cabinets were long ago used in a modification of the kitchen floor plan.  Today the alcove (with pot/can lighting) has just enough space to “show case” these barrel back chairs in their new life for reading and conversation.

I spy butterflies!

7 Mar

Guidelines for proper selection of fabric for Days for Girls International Kits:

Some prints are offensive or illegal in some communities.

Prints with people, animals, faces and figures cannot be sent to Muslim communities.

NO camouflage fabrics as these are illegal in many countries.

Fabrics with food, bugs, reptiles, guns, knives, culture-specific themes as well as girly-glam should be avoided.

Bugs, reptiles and animals are predators in some areas; fabrics including these are uncomfortable for the girls to wear and use.

Butterflies are OK. 
Rev May 23, 2015

Nine beautiful butterfly designs on flannel!  Enough fabric to supply liners for 40 kits in next shipment.  🙂



From Houzz: Far out!

16 Dec


Last weekend, conversation drifted to dreams of log cabin mountain resorts.  Rustic ski lodges are especially dreamy.  However, the notions of log cabins seemed too conventional.  Coincidence?

This week’s newsletter from Houzz.com has this article on shelters, modular living, huts and pods designed and prototyped in Denmark, Columbia, Japan and Scotland.  Check it out!  Atten-hut!  My favorite is the hut designed by Fukusawa and built by Muji in Tokyo.

Which design is your favorite?

From Houzz: Personal libraries around the world

13 Oct


AWESOME!  Outstanding photos of the libraries and owners!

  • Personal interviews from 11 countries:

Canada, France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Japan, UK, Russia, Germany, Sweden

  • Described as:

Two story, Hallway, Nest, Stacks, Nook, Floating, Cave, Home, Geometric, Corner, With a View

  • Size:

300 to 6500 books


A couple of the interviews had comments about digital libraries.  Merging digital and paper was on my mind when I posted “It started when…” on July 28, 2015…part the evolution of my personal library that involved clearing obsolescence and sorting.



From Houzz(4): Three lovely home offices

12 May

The first design appeals to me for maximum functionality.  I like having a stand up desk and three work stations.  What is missing is….the cat…I mean Eve the office assistant!

Office assistant Eve

Office assistant Eve

Nailed, screwed

26 Oct
Two shelves enough?

Two shelves enough?  No.

Nailing, Screwing:  Methods for mechanically joining similar or dissimilar materials.

Reminiscent of childhood days playing at Hall Lumber Company in Saw Mill Holler, East Tennessee….I have sorted and organized hardware this week.  Specifically, sorting many varieties of nails and screws discarded over decades from carpentry, drywall, masonry, roofing, fencing and flooring projects.

Larger scope

Larger scope

Miscellaneous times three

Miscellaneous times three

The design options and variables are staggering.

  • length
  • diameter
  • size and features of the head
  • material
  • finish
  • coarse or fine thread screws

Observations from various groups

  • Rule that three or more types of nails from a project will be mixed 😦
  • Original cardboard boxes are bad news for long-term storage
  • Designs of nails and screws have improved (some material is functional, but obsolete)
    Lead head for tin roofs, Color coordinated for new steel roofs

    Lead head for tin roofs, Color coördinated for new steel roofs

    For asphalt shingles.  New ones have plastic "washers"

    For asphalt shingles. New ones have plastic “washers”

  • One type of hardware remains a mystery
    What is this?

    What is this?