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A Swedish holiday tradition

23 Dec

St. Lucia crown holiday tradition

Merry Christmas

Carol, is this the 20th year you have made the St. Lucia Crown bread?

Background information from the web:




19 Dec

A time when the gift bag is a gift!

How perfect!

We found “Eve” on Christmas Eve 2006 in the cattle trailer on Nina Bay Farm.  Apparently someone was depositing kittens in trailers parked at the Sale Barn a couple of days earlier.  How’s that for a strategy to find homes for animals?

Eve did not have an opportunity to climb a Christmas tree in 2006.  She did climb Christmas trees the next two years.  The tree did not fall over.


Happy Holidays!

12 Dec

Christmas tree launch? Entrance to the Indianapolis Museum of Art

New Fields: More than a Museum

Gardens, Old Field Estate, Greenhouse, 100 Acre Park




Drive thru Christmas light show is the main attraction this year.

Friday Photos: Cake

8 Dec

Heavenly!  This year’s Christmas decorations at The Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis  feature pink roses and swans.  Gail and I shared a pot of Afghan Chai tea in real cups and saucers.  The owners are American entrepreneurs at their best…service, style and quality!  The press release is out announcing the opening their second shop in Carmel, IN.

Carol and Gail

Our December birthdays tradition at the Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis.


Check this out:  The Cake Bake Shop makes Oprah Winfreys O List!


Friday Photo: Tree of Light 2016

16 Dec

Tuesday’s post has a link to the history of this holiday tradition.  Merry Christmas!

Monument Circle, Indianapolis 2016

Monument Circle, Indianapolis 2016

Friday photos: For the love of poinsettias

8 Dec

2016 Charlotte International Airport


Mother Nature’s glorious 4th of July

4 Jul
4thJuly_IMG_20160701_150217439 copy



Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Blue spruce

Blue spruce

Asiatic lilies

Asiatic lilies

Bonus!  Much quieter, no mess and expense….in contrast with neighborhood fireworks the last two nights.  Happy 4th of July!