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Red, White and Blue

5 Sep


2020 has been the best year in seven years for Red Hibiscus.

Hydrangea and Purple Wave petunias

God Bless America!

Winter Gardening

7 Jan

Winter gardening means trimming dried perennials and raking leaves.  That is…until my neighbor gave me an amaryllis bulb kit.  Delightful!  (The kit includes one bulb, glass jar and growing medium.)

Jan 6 (Ephiphany)

Mother Nature’s glorious 4th of July

4 Jul
4thJuly_IMG_20160701_150217439 copy



Bee Balm

Bee Balm

Blue spruce

Blue spruce

Asiatic lilies

Asiatic lilies

Bonus!  Much quieter, no mess and expense….in contrast with neighborhood fireworks the last two nights.  Happy 4th of July!