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From Houzz: Inspiring spaces for crafting

31 Jan


Outstanding examples of lovely work spaces!

I especially like the weaving room.  It is so important to have a way to showcase projects.

At home with Elfcroft, I sew solo.  My sewing room also accomodates knitting, needlepoint and legacy projects that may not make the finish line…

Friday Photos: New Coat

29 Dec

Blue-eyed Buddy Boy has a thick winter coat!

And a blue knitted blanket just his size.

And new accommodation in the former dairy barn.

YES! Close to the wood burning stove!

The mower barn was drafty!  And the hay barn is not the same since it was rebuilt after the fire in July.


Support of hospice care with prayer shawls

18 Apr

The season of Lent concluded Easter Sunday as did this project offering prayer shawls for hospice care ministry.

The challenge using this bulky acrylic/nylon yard from my stash is that all the edges rolled!  I am grateful for the knitters who have posted instructions for “blocking” on the web.  This solution required some trial and error.  These small shawls got straightened out.  I will avoid buying bulky yarn in the future.





One more thing!  I had this nice “satchel” style bag…marketing material from an exposition.  Well…It occurred to me that a large appliqué (from my shower caddie project stash) would cover the advertising.  It is just the right size to hold seven folded “blocked” shawls.

Well…I meant two/three more things.

Last month, I was introduced to the pattern for these caps.  Two of them now belong to long time friends who are undergoing chemotherapy.

May God bless everyone during these difficult times.

Prayer shawl for hospice care

7 Mar


Prayer shawl

I love the concept of knitted prayer shawls.  Knitting is a meditative endeavor that naturally pairs with prayer.  During this year’s season of Lent, I will make three prayer shawls as requested for hospice care.    The yarn I have in my stash is Lion Brand Wool-ease which is a Lamb’s Wool blend with acrylic.  This scripture came to mind:

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”  John 1:29

This color #232 is named “Wood”…hummm…wooden cross.  The pattern repeats the number ‘three’ for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The symbolism I just wrote about is lost on Eve, office assistant.  She thinks this project is just her ‘size’.


Infinity Scarves

4 Mar

are definitely one of my favorite projects!  One skein and done.  The color and texture of Lion Brand yarn is luxurious.  I have been so prolific making them that I decided my favorite project should be party favors.

Infinity Scarves 1

Infinity Scarves 1

Infinity Scarves 2

Infinity Scarves 2, gift bags from JoAnn’s

Infinity Scarves 3

Infinity Scarves 3 with Elfcroft card from VistaPrint

So my dear friends received a cozy scarf in spite of our record-breaking cold winter.  It was a challenge to get together and much appreciated.

Infinity Scarves 4

Infinity Scarves 4

All in

17 Nov

Years ago, I wove dozens of pot holders for a school fundraiser.  It was a small lap size project where one could be finished during a favorite TV show.  Cotton loops are my favorite.


A couple of years ago, I discovered knitting.  I consider knitting a form of meditation (given the pattern is simple :).  The cowl scarf is a favorite of mine as a quick lap size project.  My stash will be given away today at a flash mob style service project for the homeless.

Cowl scarves

Love of knitting

14 Apr

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Prayer shawls

25 Feb

Last year I discovered the joys of knitting.  Relaxing.  Meditating. Prayerful.  I confess my intrigue with my iPad has consumed time I might have devoted to knitting this year.

Knitting is Shelby’s favorite pastime.  We have our chair and ottoman by the window within earshot of the TV.

Time to knit

This is my favorite shawl pattern.  It is less fussy (no fringe) and more functional with two pockets.  My first one was violet, second camel and third gray.

Pocket Shawl pattern by Lisa Carnahan

For baby

25 Jun

Baby Blanket

This blanket is knitted with technique new to me, two strands simultaneously.  Yes, the tie for this blanket is the result of my first attempt knitting the blanket.  My salvaged “do over” is just the right dimension to make a tie.

More about prayer shawls

12 Apr

Labor of love

This is the fourth prayer shawl that Shelby and I made and this one is for me….or should I say “us”?  It is a mushroom colored lamb’s wool blend.

Our fifth one is a new pattern for us.  We moved up to intermediate skill level.  This is a first with the cable pattern.  It is made of a lamb’s wool blend with shimmer.  The color is “White Frost”.  The pattern features the number 12 with repeating rows and tassels.

Prayer shawl with Eve's blessing

Prayer shawl with Eve's blessing