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Hop to it!

11 Apr

Spring to action!  I’ve been on a mission to have properly cleaned windows.

One part:  Fun planter (a gift from years ago) as a “bucket” for supplies

Main part:  New recipe for homemade window cleaner!!! (link below)

Three parts:  Accessories…gloves, paper towels, window scraper

All by the door, ready to “Hop to it!”

Obviously not a bucket


This says the secret ingredient is alcohol…I thought it was Dawn dishwashing soap.

“Homemade is hip.”

3 Dec

Found in the Indianapolis Star, November 30, 2012.  “For many women, crafting becomes a business” by Amanda Bell.  Love this!


  • Personal stories of 4 local crafters.
  • Diverse sales strategies
  • Links to websites
  • Calendar of related events
  • How to!

Inspiration the old-fashioned way!  Newspaper 🙂