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Out for Local Delivery

19 Nov

Latest DfGI liners with pockets, wings and PUL lining

Latest DfGI flannel pads









This is year 5 sewing for Days for Girls International.  Until this summer I shipped my homemade contribution to teams working in other states…Washington and Iowa (from Indiana).

July I received emails from Kay in Iowa saying she noticed a New Team start up in my home town.  Better than that…when she gave me the name…I said, “I know HER!  I already have her cell number.”  I did not know Tammy sewed.  It is delightful to have her drop by or to run over to drop off with a friendly chat.

The team she leads completes the kit which includes 2 pairs of panties, wash cloth, etc in a drawstring bag.  For more information:


Kits are designed to last three years.  They have been delivered to girls in over 100 countries.


International Day of the Girl Child (United Nations)

11 Oct

October 11, 2016:  International Day of the Girl Child

Let girls be girls!  United Nations Women’s website identifies child marriage as a global problem thrwarting women’s development mentally (education is suspended), physically (bear children too early) and spiritually (vulnerable to violence).


Every day is a day for girl power @ Days for Girls International.


Days for Girls International developed reusable feminine hygiene kits (in bright colors and bold patterns) produced and delivered via crowdsourcing.  Check out DfGI 2015’s annual report…the photos are amazing:


Elfcroft has shipped components supporting 195 kits since 2014.  Plus, we have a head start on a 2017 shipment.  Check out a sample of the work:

For the love of color, pattern, texture and girls!

14 Apr

Made for Days for Girls International to distribute globally.


Drawstring bags

20 Drawstring bags

These fabric bags are packed with two liners with PUL layer and wings, eight reversible tri-fold flannel pads, two Ziploc gallon size bags, wash cloth, soap and panty.

Sixty liners shown here.  The goal was to make no two alike from bold colors and patterns.

Selection of reversible, tri-fold flannel pads

Selection of reversible, tri-fold flannel pads

Eight different flannel pads per kit

Eight different flannel pads per kit

Shuffle the deck

24 Feb

To prepare my third shipment for Days for Girls International, I indulged myself by shuffling “the decks” or stacks/bundles of reversible tri-fold pads to maximize the interest of colors and patterns with a kit.  Eight pads go in each kit.  Eight different colors/patterns were combined fifty times!  Yes for a total of 400 🙂                    www.daysforgirls.org

The deck of reversible tri-fold pads

The deck of reversible tri-fold pads

Color and pattern!

Color and pattern!

400 bagged and boxed

400 bagged and boxed

This shipment is topped off with 50 liners and no two alike.  Each liner has three different fabrics to maximize interest.