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Here I sew again!

17 Oct

Work begins on DfGI 2018 shipments supporting DfGI Iowa Chapters

It takes 320 tri-fold, reversible, topstitched flannel pads to support 40 Days for Girls International feminine hygiene kits.  One yard of 40″ wide flannel makes 10 pads.  The cadence I use is to buy 32 yards in 4.25 yard lengths (9″ or 6% shrinkage) of 8 different colors/patterns to maximize variety in each kit.  I wash and dry two pieces of flannel at a time (dryer filter gets heavily loaded).  Then, I cut each net 4 yard length into (4) one yard pieces stacking and  alternating colors/patterns in groups of eight.  Shown above.  The two stacks on the left make 160 pads.  The short stack is my work in progress.

I cut (20) 8″X9″ pieces from each yard, put right sides together, miter the corners (for octagonal shape) before sewing, turning and topstitching.  The double layer, tri-fold design means there are six layers which fit in the mating shield with double pockets, wings and PUL (polyurethane laminate).



Better than a Scavenger Hunt

24 Nov
Office assistant Eve: "Don't you have something better to do?" We are sewing items for Days for Girls International

Office assistant Eve: “Don’t you have something better to do?”

We support Days for Girls International with donations of items for kits.

Days for Girls International

Lessons learned from preparing 4 shipments of feminine hygiene reversible, tri-fold flannel pads and liners with wings, pockets, PUL and snaps.

In order to make hundreds of pads and dozens of liners from dozens of yards of flannel and cotton print at home on a single sewing machine:  STAGING is essential for sanity in my attic sewing room.

Notion 1:  DfGI suggested purchasing flannel in 2.5 yard increments.

Problems:  Shrinkage after washing. Fabric twist.  Variations in width of 4″ (bolt to bolt).

Consequence:  Enough remnant strips and blocks to make two twin size coverlets.

Lesson 1:  Buy flannel in 4.12-4.25 yard increments.

Beautiful flannel (left) plus batik cotton (right)

Beautiful flannel (left) plus batik cotton (right)

Lesson 2:  After wash & dry, cut one yard at a time, then cut (4) 9″ strips, then cut strips into usually 8″ blocks.

Lesson 3:  Stack flannel 8″X9″ blocks right sides together.  Bag 8 pairs of blocks in gallon size ziplock bags for easy counts, grab to sew and go…  (Plus the ziplock bags are available for the finished kit.)

WIP Flannel blocks staged to cut corners

WIP Flannel blocks staged to cut corners

Notion 2:  Pack shipping boxes when sewing complete.

Lesson 4:  Use shipping boxes for Work In Progress!  Saves a LOT of space, especially since the boxes fit in closet.

Shipping box first used for Work In Process (WIP)

Shipping box first used for Work In Process (WIP)

Just like all elves this time of year, Elfcroft is completing the items needed for kits delivered all around the world (over 70 countries).