Apron Strings

24 Dec

Aprons for Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children

I had wondered for a year what I would do with the Christmas fabric yard sale find from Grandpa.  Then I heard from Kathy, the kitchen helpers could use more aprons.  This year I used a Simplicity pattern for more precision, same fabric straps and a couple of key rings for the neck strap adjustment.  Four aprons even have pockets!  The delivery included some towels from Target and 6 crocheted pot-holders (thanks to Julie’s instruction).

Then there was the fall themed fabric that netted 5 more aprons and striped fabric featuring contrasting pockets.  Like the Christmas project, I added coordinating towels from Target and crocheted pot-holders.

(5) fall + (6) summer aprons

Striped aprons with pocket for 2011

Kathy, Kevin and Bobbi

2009 was the year of my first apron project.  When the request came out, I immediately thought of recycling curtains.  There was enough fabric to make six of each type.  I copied the pattern from one of my own aprons and used strap by the roll from JoAnn’s Fabrics.  Kathy, Kevin and Bobbi volunteer in the Wheeler Mission kitchen.  It is a privilege to support their work.

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