24 Dec

Repurposing comes up fairly often around the house, especially with organizing fever.  I expect to update this post several times as content on this theme comes up.  For starters, the dilemma during Thanksgiving travel was how to handle/pack a knitting and crochet project.  The Ah Ha moment came rethinking the fabric bag for dispensing used plastic shopping bags.  It has an opening at both ends, expands to the volume I needed and is pliable for easy packing.

Perfect travel bag for knitting and crochet projects

Have you ever had the dilemma of seeing something that compelled you to remember someone, but it was not an item that the person would necessarily like to receive as a gift?  Last year, at a country craft shop “Donna and Friends” in Bainbridge, IN I found such an item…a small dish of a snowman with a round nose (which is a favorite thing of my niece). The snowman dish priced at $2.95 was a must buy.  So, what to do?  This is a very classy dish made by Fitz and Floyd.

Special gift wrap for a special girl

What I decided to do, since the price was in the range of a gift bag or such, was to use it as an alternative bow by hot gluing it to the wrapping paper.  The height is shallow and the package is stackable with care.

Add three pairs of wrought iron hooks to a mailbox post and we have a "Fly in" diner serving six types of bird food.

The mailbox post is perfect and was the lowest cost of the options we considered.  How about sharing your ideas?

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