Awesome Avon Gardens

25 May

As I surveyed my “south lawn” today, it occurred to me I should have a post crediting the vision, talent, resources available to me at Avon Gardens.

"South Lawn"

Karen Robbins and her staff are professionals.  They prepared three curvy, island beds in a “sea” of grassy lawn which prolifically bloom spring to fall as well have interest in the winter.  I estimate the square footage at 1800.  The golden quartz flagstone patio off the master bedroom showcases a “moon” garden concept of white blooms of many varieties.  The latest contracted project replaced our 23 year old foundation plantings with boxwood, Japanese maples, hydrangeas, knock-out roses to name a few specimens.

Avon Gardens is a destination to remember.  Many wedding parties gather for outdoor weddings on the grounds spring to fall.

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